The Feeling Of Power


I was on my hands and knees, gasping for breath. There was complete darkness around me, making me feel isolated in ways I’ve never felt before. A chill ran down my spine as I staggered up on to my feet. My shoulders felt heavy as I stumbled around, trying to find answers to the million questions in my head.

The moment I entered this place, intense emotions went high inside of me. Antagonism, hatred, anger, frustration, envy and many more emotions indescribable. This place just ticked the dark side within me off. Where was I?

Just as I thought that, my eyes found the key to all these doubts in front of me. He was holding together a huge gate that had some great power coming out of it. His back was to me as his body was shaking badly. I ran towards him and stopped in front of him.

“Help me,” he rasped, sweat beaded upon his handsome face.

“How?” I asked frustrated.

With one shaking hand, he reached out to me, grabbed my arm and brought me so I was standing in front of him. His face hovered close to mine as he took my hands slowly and laid them upon the gate. At once, a jolt of pain went through my body. My knees went weak, and every vein in my body felt like it was on fire.

“What-what, why is this happening?” I whispered with a great effort not to scream instead.  

His hands gripped my wrists, bounding me to the gate and leaned in, so his forehead met mine. Energy swept into me and I stood up straight; a bit of the pain subsided away.

“Close your eyes,” I felt his lips near my ear and I obeyed him. “Take all the energy you have and that I give to you and use it, to seal the gate.”

I would’ve thought he was talking crap if I hadn’t been in the position I was now. But I understood. I felt power seep into me from his touch and I combined it with mine. The pain was slowly going away, replaced with what felt like infinite power. It spread through my body, flowing through the blood of my veins. I breathed in deeply and then with a great effort, released all the power into my hands which was gripped tightly onto the steel gate.

The impact I felt within me was devastating. I crumbled to the floor, knowing that I had been called for this job. I wasn’t sure to what extent I had sealed the gate…but I was hoping it was long enough. My mind went off to a numb sleep the moment my head hit the ground; leaving me to wonder if everything that had just happened was a dream.

The End

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