Ok, so I got one thing clear, we were staying at Lacey's place. Yeah! I was beginning to like these people. Just then it has to happen. A stray cat. Now, usually people don't react to stray cats, I on the other hand, cannot stand them. My wolf-ish side, hates them. It seems that like dogs, even wolves chase cats. I was your prime example.

I grabbed onto Rishon's arm. "Rishon. Cat." That’s all I had to say.

"Oh crap, which direction?" He asked.

"Left." I answered.

He tapped Everett on the shoulder, "Listen," he gasped, "Whatever you do, DONOT GO LEFT."

"That's the only way to get to my place." Lacey said looking at Rishon as Everett steered the car left, ignoreing Rishon's warning.

"Rishon!" I almost yelled. I could feel my face boiling up as the stench of the cat neared. "GET ME AWAY FROM THE DARN CAT!!" I yelled.

"It's just a cat...chill" Ethan quite obviously had no idea what a cat could do to my mental state.

"RISHON!!!" I yelled. Too late. I had already hoped out of the car and was half way down the street chasing the cat out of my sight. "COME BACK HERE YU DISGUSTING LITTLE FELINE!!"I yelled as I continued down the road, I could heear the engine of Everett's car comeing up behind me.

 I could almost guess how Rishon would explain this to the dumb struck and confused others.

"She hates cats." Thats it, I'd have to do the rest of the explaining. Damn cats!!


The End

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