Playing hard to get.


 "Erm, I guess I did." he muttered, blushing. 

My girl. I was his girl. He didn't say anything else, he just stared at me. It wasn't my power either. I wasn't pulling him towards me. Then I remembered what Ev had said. Ethan liked a chase.

"Guess what, big voice. I'm nobody's girl." I laughed, winking at him. His face pulled into a grin, and he gently shoved me. 

"You know, you surprise me sometimes." He told me, sitting down on the curb. 

I sat down next to him. "Why? How?" 

He just shrugged. "You just do." he said. 

Just then, a car came down the road, and I spotted my brother behind the wheel. Zeera was in the passenger seat, with Lacey and Rishon in the back. He stopped in front of us, and wound the window down.

"Get in. They are one of us." He said, grinning. Ethan stood up quickly.

"I thought so, when they said they felt that shiver. Man, this is crazy." He said. 

I looked in the back.

"Get in? There's only one more seat left." I told Everett. He looked at the back, and then motioned for Ethan to get in.

"You sit on his lap." He told me, as he winked at me. God, brothers! 

I climbed in, making sure that I moved as close as possible to him. He placed his strong hands on my hips to move me in more comfortable spot. I tingled as he touched me, but didn't say anything. 

I looked towards Rishon, as I noticed he had been crying.

"You okay?" I asked, worriedly. He sniffed, and wiped his hands with the back of his hands.

"He just panicked." Lacey muttered so he didn't hear. I nodded. I could tell he didn't want to talk about it. 

"Right. Where we going?" Ev asked.

"They can stay at ours." Lacey said quickly. Zeera turned round and smiled as a thank you. 


The End

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