Staying behind


Grace was acting really strange when Lacey and Ev  left "So, where do we house Rishon and Zeera?"

Grace shrugged "I'm not sure...."

"Well how about they stay with me and Lacey, we have a few spare rooms thanks to the down money from years ago" I laughed

"We have spare rooms too"

I sighed, what is up with her mood? "Well thats true but I think Lacey would feel better if Rishon was with us, she seems to have.....I don't know, devolped a bond or something with him. I wish I had that..."

"You do?"

"Yeah, well you hear about how people like us fall in love and....I think it's pretty amazing is all"

Grace smiled a little, making me feel embarressed "Oh look, the walking grafitti has a girl friend"

I turned my head to see David from school  "Shove off will ya', I'm talking"

David laughed "No way, now your all alone without your big jock or freaky sister, I can take you on"

Did he just call my sister freaky? Hell no! "You asked for it" I smiled coldly " Remember that"

David began to hit "Whats wrong Ethan? 'fraid your girl friend will see what a wimp you are. Hey sweety, after this, how about we go out"

Something snapped "Leave Grace out of this, she's my girl" I grabbed his arm and sang "Leave, now"

David nodded gormlessly and skulked off, drool dripping from his mouth

I laughed "Thats what I thought"



"What did you call me back there?"


"No, not that, you caled me, your girl"

Shun, I did say that, crud, crud, crud!

The End

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