I don't think Rishon himself could believe, that someone other than me was comforting him. I don't think he could believe that he was crying either! This was the first time he felt comfortable to cry in front of anyone but me.

He calmed down in about three minutes. That was standard time required for Rishon to calm down. We hoped in the car, Rishon looking slightly embarrassed, before I dared ask the faithful question. "You'll....you'll got...well...um....abilities too?"

They were silent for some time, looking at each other, then Everett spoke, "Define abilities

"The power to do something that others can only dream of in a fantasy story." I replied. With that I began to sniff the air, something was burning.

"Well..." I cut Everett in mid sentence.

""Your car exhaust, something’s wrong with it." I told him.

"There's nothing wrong with my baby." He answered patting his steering wheel.

"Yes, yes there is. I warn you." With that the car gave a jolt, a shake and then just died in a puff of smoke. 

"Damn it!!" He yelled, then turned back and looked at me, "How'd you know?" 

"I can smell the burning metal and grease behind the bonnet. I could also hear the panting of a dying engine, that most cannot." I smiled.

"Super senses?" Asked Grace. 

"Um....something like that." I answered.

"Well, now we are stuck" Everett looked at Rishon, "you think you can fix it? I nudged the little cry baby. With a sigh, and looked unsurely in my direction, before he got out of the car, and opened the bonnet.

"Sorry, the metals completely charred, I’ll have to get some scrap metal to fix this." He called out to me. 

"Oy!" I called back, "there's a metal dustbin at the corner." Cracking his knuckles, and heaving a long drawn sigh, he waved his hand towards the dustbin. The pieces of metal slowly disintegrated and reformed as they neared the car to form completely different objects. If I understood cars, I'd tell you, but I don't, so I had no clue what he was replaceing. Sure enough, their engine started panting once again, after about five minutes. U stared at the spot where the dustbin once stood, holding my nose. Not even the base of the dustbin remained, just a pile of rubbish stood stinking up the place.  

"So...that's what you mean by abilities?" Everett asked smiling. "Ya, we got ...abilities." Everett confirmed, as Lacey nodded.   


The End

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