"It's okay Rishon, we all felt it"

I could hear his voice shaking, the tears streaking down his face, just like when I was younger.....

"You did?"

"Yes, me and Ethan and Everette and Grace, all of us, it's okay" the others were silent behind me, they had never seen the compassionate side of me before "Where are you?"

"St James street"

"Stay there, I'll come and get you both. It's going to be okay Rishon, I promise"

I hung up and turned to Everette "Can you drive me to St James street?" he nodded

"Good, Ethan, Grace, I think you should stay here, figure out who's staying where"

Everette's face tightened but he nodded "Lets go"

We got in the car and drove as fast as we could, not one cop stopping us. "How much longer?"

"St James street is just around the corner"

I was jumpy, unusual for me, I was anxious too ans worried, so worried. Why am I so worried about him?

Everette pulled over and I wasted no time, hopping right out of the car, towards where I knew they would be hidden, the little grove.

I was right, between the oak trees and cherry blossoms were Zeera and Rishon. I walked as fast as I could, hating that he was in somuch pain, also hating that I cared  so much. I knelt beside them "Rishon" I whispered "it's okay" I stroked his hair soothingly.


"Yeah it's me, Everette gave me a lift"

"Zeera? Rishon? God, I'm so sorry!"

I caught a glimpse of Rishon's face, stained with tears, contorted in agony and dispair. I don't know what came over me but the next thing I knew, I embraced Rishon, hushing him, comforting him, doing something so strange for me. " Shhh it's okay, your safe"

The End

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