Even with Rishon there, I felt alone. I sat in the shower, letting the water drip down my skin. I wanted to pick up the phone and tell someone. I wanted to know that someone except us felt this way. I wanted to call Everett. I couldn't. How could I just call up some guy I barely knew and ask, "Did you feel weird just now?"Maybe I should call Grace; she did give me her number in case I needed school work. But I felt so scared. So very scared, all alone.

I heard a sudden clash from down stairs. A sudden "bang", like pieces of metal flying around. I slipped on some clothes and ran down stairs.

Rishon stood in the middle of a pile of scrap metal. The T.V had completely disappeared. My dad ran out, and stood, staring, as every piece of metal started coming apart.

"Rishon! Stop!" I yelled. This hadn't happened since he was seven years old and some large men had tried to take him away. He only lost control when he was extremely scared. And right now, both of us were extremely scared.

"I...I can't!" he replied. I had no choice. I mustered up all my strength and ran straight into him. I bit into his right arm. "AHHHH!!" He yelled. Everything went silent. Everything stopped. 

A clutter of a bowl caught our attention. Our dad stood at the door, his eyes wide and terrified. His bowl of pasta had slipped from his hands. "Please...." He muttered, "I can't do this ant more. Leave," he growled, "Leave now." We stood in silence for a few moments. "GET OUT DAMN IT!!" I picked Rishon up from the floor.

"We're going." It had to happen sooner or later. He never liked us much in the first place.

"I’m sorry..." Rishon muttered in my ear. "I’m so sorry. I just felt so scared. I’m so sorry."

"Don't be." I replied, as I slammed the door shut behind me.

We officially had nowhere to go. There was only one person I could think of who we even vaguely knew, and that was Grace and Everett. I could call them. Though Rishon was more insistent on calling Lacey. This was lame, we barely knew them and we were asking them for a roof over our heads. Still, we had no option. Rishon sat on the floor outside on the pavement, and dialled the number.    

"Hallo?" He asked softly. I could see he wanted to go cry on the phone. Ethan picked up.

"Yo, Rishon right. Umm....listen, I’m kind of busy..."He put Ethan on speaker phone. I could hear Everett and Grace in the back ground. Their voices sounded concerned.

"Please, Two minutes?" Rishon's voice was noticeably shaking. I noticed his entire body shaking from head to foot.

"Oy...wait!" We heard the phone being snatched from his hand.

"What?" Lacey's voice echoed into the phone.

"We got.....um kicked out of our house." He choked out. I couldn’t blame him for being scared. I remember losing control of my abilities....it was not easy, to suddenly feel a complete loss of your entire body, muscles, and your mind in a whole.  

"Ok...why, may I ask, are you calling me....no wait, why were you kicked out in the first place?" She seemed upset. Rishon burst into tears. Not good, that was not good.

"You....umm....ok?" Lacey sounded annoyed. 

"If this makes no sense to you," he blurted out, sobbing on the phone, "forget I ever said it," I didn't bother stopping him, I couldn't find it in my heart to, "Have you ever had a strange ability, and have you ever felt so scarred that you lost all control over your...... abilities?"

"You lost control over....your abilities?" Everett and Grace went silent as she blurted it out. "You suddenly felt...a shiver of fear, and lost control?" She asked again, her voice sounding alarmed.

Rishon couldn't speak. To him, be had blown it. If only he had realized that what he had done was no mistake.


The End

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