Lacey and I decided to walk home since the bus was too crowded and, since we had no curfew, we took the scenic route. "So, that new kid Rishon...."

"What about him?"

"You seemed pretty interested today at lunch"

"Just like  you seemed interested in his sister"

I raised an eyebrow "I was trying to get on her good side, not that it worked so much. I mean yes she's incredibly beautiful and athletic looking but....theres no connection" I sighed "But we have to keep looking"

Lacey smiled a little


"Didn't know you believed in that kinda stuff, your never so open with me so I have to guesse"

"Sorry Lace, I don't mean to-" my vision started to shake, no my whole body "Christ!"

Lacey grabbed my hand, the shaking stopped.

"What was that?"

"Nothing good" Lacey breathed in deeply

"We need to get home"

"And call Grace and Everette, they might have felt it too"

I nodded and, just like that, the tour was over.

The End

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