Bad Feelings


"What an eventful day." I sighed, relaxing in my seat. I looked at Ev, and he seemed to have relaxed. That new guy had certainly cheered him up by fixing his love of his life.

"Tell me about it. Three new people added to our group, and the worlds best car fixer included." He said back to me.

We were silent for a few seconds and I stared out the window. Something was on my mind, and I couldn't think about nothing else. After a few minutes, I voiced it with Everett.

"Erm, today. At dinner. Did you notice anything about Ethan?" I mumbled.

Ev's eyes were still on the road, as he grunted, "Like what?" 

I sighed. "Like the way he was staring at Zeera. Do you think he likes her?" 

Everett laughed. He actually laughed. I punched him in the arm, and mocked pain. 

"I can't believe the one guy that doesn't fall for your charms, is the one guy you have to fall for." He said to me laughing.

"I.. That's not... I do not like him. I was just wondering." I lied. 

Okay, so I did. But so what. Do you know how hard it is to choose a love interest, when everyone falls for you at a click of a finger. How was I to know whether they liked me, or whether it was just my power?

Plus, Ethan was just so...manly. His body was like a gallery of art, and I couldn't help stare at him day in day out. But I knew he didn't see me in that way. God, it was so frustrating.

"Grace, I know you. You do. Don't dive in though. Ethan's not like that is he. He prefers a chase. You put yourself out there to much." Everett said to me, his eyes still on the road.

"I do not." I snapped. Then I thought about it. "Okay, so maybe a little." 

Suddenly a shiver ran through my body. I began to shake lightly, and I turned round to see Everett doing the same. He swerved to side, closely missing the car in front of us. He stopped the car, just as we both froze, and then returned to normal. 

We were both breathing heavily. 

"That...Was...weird" I gasped. 

"I've got a feeling something bad has just happened." Everett muttered, sitting straighter. He rubbed his eyes, and turned to me.

"Grace. For some reason, I just got a vision of Trinity disappear." He whispered to me.

The End

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