Life saver


Finally school was over. I was beginning to get sick of being told to snap out of my mood. Man, I couldn't be happy all the time. 

As per usual I was left waiting at my car for Grace. I breathed in deeply. I didn't know what was up with me, I'm normally an easy going guy. 

I just didn't like Grace flashing her powers about. I didn't need people suspecting we were different. And who were these new people. Rishon and Zeera. Were they different too? Were they like me, Grace, Evan and Lacey. 

Speaking of the devil, I noticed Zeera and Rishon walking over to me. The guy looked kind of nervous, but the girl showed so much confidence.


Her voice was harsh, but surprisingly attractive. I nodded at them both, and they stopped before me.

"Thanks for showing us around today." she said to me.

"It's fine." I told her, standing straighter. "Sorry for-"


I turned round, and saw Grace making her way over. I must admit she made me laugh. The way she turned heads, without any effort. The way she knew it. 

"Let's get going." She said to me as she got closer. Then she noticed Zeera and Rishon. 

"Oh, hi." she said to them, giving them a hug. "Did you have a good first day?" 

Rishon nodded, like he was star struck. If he was going to hang around with us, he'd need to grow out of that, I thought.

"Yeah, thanks to you two and Lacy and Ethan." Zeera replied, as I climbed into my car.

"Oh don't you'll make me blush." Grace laughed. 

"Right, we off Gee?" I yelled from my seat. I laughed as she threw me a look.

"All right, all right. I'm coming." She climbed in, and waved at our new friends. I put the key into ignition, and then to my horror nothing happened. 

"No, no no!" I shouted, banging the wheel.

"I can fix that." 

I looked at Rishon, gobsmacked. 

"You can fix it?" I asked.

"Yeah, give me a second." he mumbled, walking to the front of my car. He opened the hood, and started messing with it. I couldn't speak. My car was my baby, and if he made it worse I was going to kill him.

After a few seconds he slammed it down and grinned at me.

"Done!" He exclaimed. 

I tried to start it up again, and incredulously it worked.

"Man, you are a lifesaver. Anything you want, come to me. You are now my hero." I stuttered. 

He grinned sheepishly at me, and Zeera laughed. She rubbed his messy hair, while he pulled away. We said our goodbyes and made our journey home.

The End

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