The sobs that had been erupting inside my chest finally came to a stop after a few minutes. I rubbed at my eyes and put my hand on the steering wheel. I had to stop thinking negatively and get a move on. With a sigh, I drove out of the amusement park and went on the road.

I arrived at my apartment complex, where I now, lived alone. Parking the car in the garage and locking it, I went into the elevator and reached my apartment in a matter of minutes.

Walking into the bathroom, I washed my face with cold water and looked up at my reflection in the mirror. I was still looking quite pale and my usual bright brown eyes now looked dull. My wavy long blonde hair was down till my back and was now a mess. I made quite the specimen of someone who'd just bawled their eyes out.

With a sigh, I walked out the bathroom and collapsed on the bed. Staring at the ceiling, I though of everything had just happened today. It'd been a long time since I had gotten the memories of my past. Especially since I had no brother or sister like all the other angels had, it was quite hard for me to go through the changes inside me. But now I had complete control over my power, and I could choose to use it or not. And usually it was not. If the other angels very own presence had triggered painful memories inside me, I wondered what else they're going to trigger.

I brought my hand up to rest it on my forehead when I noticed something odd. It was flickering. One moment it was there, and the next it was gone. On and off; on and off. I got up and looked down at the rest of my body which was doing the same. Then I saw a small bright yellow light spread through my chest to the rest of my body. What was happening to me?

One second I was there, the next I was gone.

The End

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