Hell!! Keeping this gate shut had never taken so much energy from me. I felt my body growing cold. The sweat began to drip down to the base of my forehead. I felt week. They banged against the gate. The seal was weakening, and they wanted out. I couldn't hold on much longer, darke energy was seeping out from the cracks formed by their constant clawing. My hands were going numb. I had to do something, I had to keep this in place, if the first Gate to Hades was opened, the world would be in chaos. With imps and Duras running wild, car accidents, train Derailments, small explosions, sudden landslides, they would all increase. Then, the second gate would be unlocked, then the third, way down to the seventh.

With the pressure they were exerting, all seven would have opened at once. I had no choice, but to allow the first to open as a safety valve. There was no stopping it. The darke Miasma had been increasing for years now, it seems the seal was wearing off. It was better than all seven opening at once. There would be no world left once the seventh gate opened. I had to make this decision, and fast. There was a need for the seven angels, the guardians and keepers of the Seven Gates. They would surely be able to put the seal back in place. They’d know what to do....wouldn’t they?

I eased on my energy just a little bit. Almost instantly, the gate burst into a thousand shards, clattering to the ebony floors. Red light flowed into the tiny room. Ear splitting screams shattered the dark silence, and the black Miasma spread. I couldn't hold out. I needed to call just one of them. The most experienced angel to my aid. I couldn’t stand the Miasma spilling from within. It was suffocating. I needed the seven to be rounded up.

 I heard the cries from within the second gate. I had to leave this place; I had to find help, before the second seal broke apart. I had to leave this place; this place, which is the only place I've ever known; this border between the Middle Lands, and Hades, this land which was a prison and yet was my home.

 I finally was free, but at what cost? God help me.        



The End

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