Back To The Past Part 1


At the end of the school day, I waved goodbye to the others and got in my car. With a sigh, I drove out of the school and headed to a nearby amusement park. I always liked going on rides, especially when I was in a thoughtful mood. And I defenitely was right now...

Not only was there four of them...there were two more. It was easy for me to see through them, to see who was capable of what. They all had potential but they didn't know how to use it. When the times come, I'd need to train them. I guess I'd be their "sensei". I grinned to myself after the last thought.

I got out of the car and walked around till i found the ride that sent thrills through my body. The rollercoaster. I smiled to myself as I got into the front seat. I waited for time to pass and for more people to get in and when the ride started..I zoned out.

I guess hanging out with the other angels didn't only affect my thoughts...but also my memories. Flashbacks of my childhood flooded through my mind and I felt like I was experiencing things all over again.

I'd had a family back then. My grandmama, my father and my mother. They'd all been very dear to me. My grandmama loved me lots and so did my mother. My father wasn't home much as he was constantly travelling around because of his job. When I was around ten years old, I discovered my power of creating illusions. I was part of a school play where I played a character who was quite the crazy one. She saw things that others couldn't. Playing the role of the character had only made me realise that there was more to me then I thought there was.

I did my role, said my lines and I did everything right. But something screwed up halfway. The other characters really started seeing everything that my character saw. It's like they got schitzophreniac for real...myself being the character, I imagined and did the best I could for playing the role. But what I didn't expect was for it to come real. Because of this, every rehearsel went beserk and no one was able to play their role because of "illusions". The play was cancelled and no one could figure out the reason why. But I did...there was something wrong with me.

The End

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