God I hate my name.

I couldn't help but look at the guy across from me, he was looking too, Rishon.
People didn't usualy pay attension to me, I'm just 'Ethan's Goth sister' or 'Goth Groupie'. He looked a little lost for words andit's not like I talk much myself, I'e only really ever talked to Ethan, it's always been that way though. He may be older than me but we're kind of like twins, we always know.

"I hope Jock didn't freak  you out" I whispered so only Rishon could hear "he's in a mood"

"I  would never have guessed"

I half smiled "What class have you got next?"

"English, with Mr Latter"

"I have him next too"

"Hey Ev, crack a smile, you'll scare all the new kids"

"Are there more?"

"Yeah, but no more like us"

In a way, thats good news, six of us is strange enough. I looked over at my brother, he was trying to talk to Zeera without annoying her, doubt thats possible.

The End

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