Little people


Ethan, Ethan,what a name eh? Ironic too, it means firm or long lived, and guesse what? I have a birthmark on my neck of the japenese sign that means eternity! Yep. I glanced over at Lacey, she was looking at me. "What?"

"Your hair looks stupid"

"I don't have it spiked often lace, I usualy go for the style you like me to have, with the fringe"

Lacey sighed, she knew all about how I let her style my hair so people think we're related or at least friends, I brought her to a concert the other night because her favorite band was playing and some guy thought we were going out! I feel sorry for him though, Lacey realy can emenate fear. It's quite funny actually.

We walked into  the lunch room side by side, heading for our usua table with Ev and his sister, who, just for the record, I am the only one besides her brther who doesn't drool over her. What can I say? I don't like girls who tease people, I was raised better.

I realised two other peope at our tabl and decided 'd better be friendly and not think I'm the scary dude.

"Oh Yo!" He yelled, "I see more little people! Yo, sup, dudes, I’m Ethan."

The girl rolled her eyes at me, I'm sure Lacey would have too but she was looking at the boy across from her, he's the same age!

"This is my sister Lacey"

"I'm Rishon, this is my sister Zeera" I turned my head to Zeera and was shocked.

This girl was more that pretty, she was more than beautiful, she's.......there isn't a word to describe

"Zeera, you and your brother are new here right?"


"Do you know your way around school yet?"


"Well my sister and I can show you around, Lacey's in your brother's year group so she can help him catch up and I take notes in class for Lacey to study when she gets bored so if you want you can borrow them. Who showed you to class this morning?"

Zeera gestured to Ev and I started to laugh "Geeze Ev, whats up with you today? Crack a smile or something, you'll terrify the new kids"

"Are there more?" Lacey asked, breaking her silence

"Yeah, but no more like us, just a few late entries, thats all"  smiled "So, what have we missed?"

The End

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