Don't ask me how I landed up eating lunch with those two. Apparently, the Hot girl (Grace) found it hilarious that we though her brother was her boy friend, and ordered us over for lunch. Technically, she ordered over my brother, but I couldn’t leave him in the hands or a woman like that, so I came around too.

There seemed to be a lot of new people around. We met chatty chick named Trinity (I thinks she's a lot older than the rest of us). There were also two vacant seats reserved for the other two of their little clique. It seemed they were absent for some reason. I could tell this Everett guy didn't like our company much, but I liked him. Something told me he was a good kid.

Rishon kept staring at Grace (the slut) ... till she walked in. I swear, I'd never seen such a ...a ...gothic woman before, beautiful, but Gothic. She walked in with a tattooed and spiked haired idiot carrying a guitar on his back. Talk about opposites attract.

"There they are!" Grace called out, waving her hand. The Goth rolled her eyes and silently took her seat, the guitar man began chatting away. The Goth woman kept staring at my brother and I, and my brother kept staring at her. Though I think my brother was thinking something completely different from her. The nature of my brothers stare was "I love you". The nature of the Gothic woman's stare was "Get away from me, freak."

It took guitar guy some time to notice we existed, it seemed Trinity had entered the conversation easily enough.

"Oh Yo!" He yelled, "I see more little people!" I think he was referring to my brother and I.

"Yo, sup, dudes, I’m Ethan."

Ya, I just wanted to get up and walk far far far far away.  


The End

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