First Sightings


Most people would not like the fact that they're moving to a new city, a new school and have to make new friends in a place where they've never been before. Most people would hate it that they're moving in the middle of their graduation year. But I'm not most people.

I like making friends and I like being part of all crowds. I hate having to be ordered to shut up. Cause I really can't. I'm quite a chatterbox really. Ends up being more of a bad thing then good in the end.

I drove my sleek black Mercedes into the school parking lot. I saw a "hot" girl (in the eyes of a man) walk through the school campus. Every head turned to her. With her figure and looks, who won't? She appeared like the school slut but to me she was different. The moment my eyes laid on her, I knew she was like me. And so was her brother… Coming to this school was definitely not going to be a bad thing…

After getting out of the car with my backpack slung over my shoulder I walked into the school office and did what new students do in their first day; got my schedule with a map attached, and that small piece of paper which I have to get signed by the teachers.

Time went by quickly and a few classed gone by too. I made a lot of friends and I was enjoying my time. But I was still wondering about the two other people I'd seen. I walked through the cafeteria and by the direction each guy's face was turned to, I found them. There were two others with them too. And I knew they were like me too…

I walked over to their table and they all looked up at me when I stood in front of them. "May I join you?" I asked with a smile.

The jock gave me a scrutinizing look and then a grunt which I took as a "yes".

I sat down next to the..let me call "temptress" and smiled at them.

"I'm new here. Joined today. My name's Trinity."

 "My name's Rishon and this is my sister Zeera." The "nerd" said smiling at me. Each one introduced themselves and soon enough, I had a new group of friends. At least they were to me, it seemed like Grace and her brother Everett didn't quite like me yet. Soon enough they would…they'd need me and when they'd come to me, they'll do more then just like me…let's call it respect. I smiled to myself.


The End

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