New Beginnings


"Stop staring at her, idiot!" My sister, Zeera, yelled at me. I couldn't help it; she was so....not real!! Short tight skirt, tight tiny shirt with one button all open, she was good looking! If girls like this existed in this new school, I was going to like it here....but then again, maybe not. One of the crasser boys was whistling and called her "sweet thing". She whispered something to him, and suddenly his face went pale. He began shaking....OK, that can't be good. She began walking away with this tall extremely good looking boy. Well, I stood no chance.

"See, told you to stop staring." Zeera smirked. "She is HIS girl.” She said pointing to the hot guy. “There's only one girl out there for you.....and one guy for me." She sighed, she didn't like the idea, and nor did I. I detested the idea. I would never trust anyone with my powers. Our mother called us monsters when we trusted her. She left us alone with dad because she was "afraid" of us. Dad tries so hard to try and act cool, making Zeera use her abilities to sniff out his socks or using me to insta-fix his car, but every time we complete the job, we can see him shudder just a little. He's scared of us too, we can tell.

 My ex-girlfriend screamed when she saw what I was capable of. I thought we were meant to be, I thought she was the one I was destined to meet. Only if an angel shows his or her soul mate their ability can they ever truly form a bond. I thought she was my angel. I guess not. That's why we moved here all the way from India. People started giving us funny looks, rumours began to spread. It was time to pack up. I love our father so much for trying so hard to make us feel wonderful and normal, but we know, if he had a choice between mama and us, it would be mama any day.  If we have to, we'll live with only each other our entire lives.

Zeera slowly put her arm around my shoulder. "You shouldn't cry on your first day, bud." I was crying?! Crap! I hadn't even noticed! “It’s so not cute!”  She ruffled my already messy hair, and stole my glasses. "Catch me if you can!" She yelled as she ran into the building, giggling like a little girl. She could have ran miles ahead of me in seconds if she wanted to with those strong athletic legs of hers, but she made sure I was right behind her at all times. 

"I can't see!" I yelled after her, flailing out as I ran after her blurry image. I loved that about her, she always knew how to cheer me up.....and then I bumped into someone, someone large.

"Oy! Watch it!" The blob of a boy yelled. I heard a low growl erupt from behind the large

"Sorry." My sister growled as she spoke to him, I guess he looked like he was about to hit me....couldn't tell. “Please move now.” I could tell, she was giving her evil, ‘I’ll bite your head off’ glare.

She shoved my glasses into place. I looked at the owner of the large pectorals. "Hey I know you!" I probably should have stopped there, but I didn't, "You the boy friend of  that hot-petrifying girl who made that ass go pale right?" My sister clamped her hand down on my mouth.

"What?!" Ouh oh, Dude-with-rippling muscles tensed. Not good. If my sister and him got into a fight with him, she’d go all power up of him, and we’d have to move again.   

"I'm sorry, we're new here, and he's an idiot." The Guy simply grunted and began to walk away. "Wait!" She yelled after him, "Can you show us to class room four?" Rule number one for when travelling to a new school, best way to get to know the place, is to get the nativ jock to show you.  


The End

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