Turning heads


My lips twitched as I walked through the gates. I could feel eyes all on me and I loved it. Boys were fascinated. Girls were jealous. 

I flicked my hair casually, and while shaking my hips, made my way over to my brother. He frowned as he saw me, and I laughed. Always the protective brother. God that was getting old.

"Grace." He growled. "What do you think your wearing?" He didn't look happy.

"Ev, your not my dad okay. Lay off." I snapped back. 

What was the point in having a brilliant body, if you couldn't show it off? Okay maybe my skirt was a little too short, and maybe I should have fastened the top button of my tight shirt. But who cares? The boys in the school certainly didn't. 

"You look like a slut." He said to me, turning round. I shrugged it off. I wasn't a slut. I just knew how to catch peoples attention. And what's the point in living without a bit of attention.

"Hey sweet thing." I heard a boy say from behind me. I turned round to see an small plain boy staring at me with his friends. I laughed, at the thought that he had actually had the nerve to speak to me like that.

 I walked over casually. He gulped, looking at his friends nervously. I stopped when I was just a breathe away.

"Sweet thing?" I asked him, smiling. I knew he was under my spell. My sweet aroma caressed him. I was an inch away from his soul. He stared at me, unable to say a thing. His friends had stopped laughing and were looking at me too.

I moved closer, so my lips brushed his ear.

"I'm looking for a man. Not a boy." I whispered, and then turned to walk away. I didn't need to look back to know he was shivering. I noticed my brother had been watching the whole time.

"Do you have to do that, to everyone that tries to hit on you?" He said. Jeez, he was in a mood today.

"What's the fun in ignoring it?" I replied. "What's up with you today, anyway?" 

He rubbed his eyes and sighed.

"Just tired." He said to me. I leant on the wall next to him. 

"Where's my favourite Goth?" I asked him, and he shrugged.

"Probably late again. Come on, lets get to class." He turned and headed towards our dismal school building. There was definitely something up with him today. When had he ever been the one to suggest getting to class? 



The End

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