It has been a long, long day, and after showing everyone to their rooms I went mine and did the only thing that could calm me....I listened to music-lame but effective. After an hour I took off my headphones and went to the bathroom, taking a long, silent shower. I have no idea how this is gonna work itself out, it makes next to no sense, but then neither did our powers.
I sigh, turn off the shower and put on my pj's-a pair of boxer shorts I proceed to brush my teeth. I opened the bathroom door and bumped into something-Grace.

"Ah, sorry, I wasn't with it, you okay?"

"Yeah" she smiled, her hair fell down her back, framming her face perfectly, her eyes twinkled in the limited light and I felt my heart twinge as I looked to see her in one of her nighties-her and her brother keep some stuff here in case of emergencies.

"The bathrooms all yours" I smile nevously, dabbing my chest with a towel.


I step aside, letting her inside the room, she takes a step in and slips on the floor "Grace!" I dive to catch her and as we land I feel our lips touch. I do something I cant explain, I put an arm around her waist, pull her closer and deepen the kiss, glad to feel her not pull away.

We break apart and I feel my heart thud, Grace's cheeks are tinged with pink and we're still lying on the floor. If anyone walks in to see this it's gonna get awkward-as if it isn't already.

The End

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