Name- Alba (she used to have a second name but she's forgotten it in the five thousand years since she stopped being human)

Type- Slight. Small, skinny

Appearance- Pale skin; short, boyish mousy hair; thin fingers and limbs; slightly crooked features. She wears the outfit she was wearing when she became an angel: scruffy jeans, and a long "Nirvana" hoody. She wears an iPod, and always has a faint atmosphere of rock music, although it doesn't impair her senses at all- it's almost as if she can't hear it.

Special Powers- She's unnaturally likeable. Everyone seems to like her, despite her appearance, when they first talk to her. This means she has very few enemies. The only person who can resist her powers is her soulmate- who (obviously) loves her anyway.

The End

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