Consequential ActionsMature

Mycroft sighed, dropping his shoulders, he leaned on the umbrella. "Oh Doctor please, you have lived before my birth and after my death, you have explored a thousand worlds and witnessed a million actions take place, you know a trustworthy man when you see one, you can smell evil and deceit from a mile away. Surely my scent is clean?" The Holmes brother inquired. 

The Doctor let his feet roll across the ground as he gravitated towards Mycroft, he danced around him, like the moon to the Earth, leaning down he sniffed his shoulder as his eyes mischievously pranced across the features of the middle aged mans face, taking in every blemish and paper cut, the individual freckles and eyelashes. The Doctor, as if caught by a cool breeze, flicked his head to the other shoulder, acting in similar fashion, the only difference he raised Mycrofts arm so that he could peer down it, as if it were a rifle and he a marksman. 

In typical style, the Galifreyan exhaled heavily, and swiftly took in a huge sniff as he ran his nose along the Englishman's arm, taking in every obscurity and difference. "That is proof enough. Only a trustworthy man has ketchup with his breakfast." The Doctor skipped in front of Mycroft once again and bowed. "The Doctor, not at your service, but in the same room as you nonetheless." He smiled jokingly. "Now then, what was it you wanted me to do, see, view etc. etc. etc Mr Holmes?" The Doctor had already turned his back on the Holmes brother, strolling away from the doorway, and began toying with the sonic screwdriver nonchalantly, much in the same way as a tiring child.

 Mycroft stepped further towards the control panel. "Nothing that would blow yo--"

"Oh now lets not go there! I had this awful case of suicidal brain slugs a few centuries back. Nasty business. No 'mind blowing' mentioning if it is the same to you." The Doctor interrupted.

Mycroft coughed, he raised a tissue to his mouth and wiped his lips. "I will avoid such wording then Doctor." The alien nodded his head in appreciation as Mycroft continued: "A situation has arisen that we ne--"

 "I'll do it!" The Doctor said enthusiastically. 

"Are you sure? You do not even know what I am going to require you to do yet." Mycroft queried. 

"Let me tell you a little tale, I once knew a man, a shy fellow. He was never sure what he should and shouldn't do in life, so he done nothing. He stayed inside and regretted it for the first twenty nine years of his existence. Then, POOF! I appear, save him from some little difficulties that involved a nearly extinct super race bent on destruction and domination."

The Doctor spun around and pretended to shoot a gun at Mycroft. "But then, one of the poor creatures got a shot off, caught my friend right in the ribs!" The Doctor leaped forward, jabbing a finger at Mycroft. "He knew he was dying, even I could do very little, what I did do saved him, but before he passed out he said to me, 'Doctor, don't ever be afraid to do something, I was and now look...' He went back on to living without me after that, but he went back a changed man, so I live by a motto similar to what he told me. If an opportunity arises, seize it with both hands and never let go!" 

Mycroft nodded in appreciation of the story. "So you would say yes to anything?"

"What? Oh by the suns no. I can still turn around in twenty minutes and change my mind, I am not bound by a contract." The Doctor declared. 

The Holmes brother, his interest peaked, asked. "Well what are you bound by?" He raised his eyebrow curiously. "Where is the border for the Doctors morals, your actions, your consequences have ripple effects you know?"

The Doctor turned away, facing the controls, avoiding eye contact with Mycroft. "I know better than any the consequences my actions can cause..."

He sniffed and repeated.

"More than any." 

The End

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