Knock, Knock Doctor.Mature

The Doctor was attempting to dry off in the Tardis as he awaited the rain to cease. His jacket had been slung carelessly over one of the beams and he paced back and forth, in winding circles around the controls, the sound of his shoes hitting the floor echoing around the small transport. 

He couldn't sit still, but he couldn't stand walking around aimlessly any longer. A frustrated expression began to tidally wave across his face. Boredom. It began to kick in, the Doctor started jumping on the spot, twiddling his thumbs and whistling tunes that no human would recognize. 

"Gah i hate...." 

Two quick, distinct knocks rang against the door that caused the Doctor to stop speaking. His ears perched like a dogs, he walked over to the door and opened it a couple of inches. A man in his early forties, standing upright under an umbrella wearing a black suit, and wielding a thin, high cheeked face greeted the Galifreyan. 

"Hello Doctor, mind if I come in?" The man attempted to force his way in, but the Doctor was not moving. "Oh I see, you are worried I might intrude on your business with my brother. Don't be. I have my own business with you Doctor, may I enter now?"

Hesitantly, the Doctor opened the door wide enough for the man to enter. "I am Mycroft Holmes Doctor."He let the umbrella down and extended his hand for the alien to shake. "It is a pleasure to meet you."

The Doctor reached out and shook Mycrofts hand. "How do you know who I am?"

Mycroft replied in his drone emotionless voice. "Oh we know more about you than you could imagine Doctor. However, we are friends and not foe." 

The Doctor looked at the Englishman. 

"Prove it."

The End

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