The Law BreakerMature

"She underestimated a Time Lord." 

The Doctor continued. "However, we will be underestimating her if we do not move the Tardis. So then," he offered his arm to Abbie, "shall we?" He grinned mischievously. 
She reluctantly reached for his arm, but her movement was hijacked by the swift movement of the Doctor who slipped her hand into his and wrapped his arm around her waist. "May I have this dance?" He teased. He let his voice deepen into a suave English accent momentarily.  "I think I shall."  

He whisked her around in the air, spinning on his right foot in a clockwise motion. She landed down gently, before he dropped his hand into his pocket taking out the sonic screwdriver. He lifted it to his mouth, "sadly there are no roses around", and rested the memorable Doctor device between his teeth. 

He looked her in the eyes, one green and one blue, like the land and the sea. He winked at her and began to Waltz towards the Tardis. Abbie tried to stop him but failed. She laughed, "Doctor I cannot dance!"

He smirked, showing his crisp white teeth behind the sonic screwdriver, "I recall saying something similar,” he murmured through a clenched jaw. “And now people call what I used to do in my younger days the Fandango.”

Abbie let out an exasperated sigh, “no Doctor, no way did you inve…” He tilted his head down and locked eyes with her. “Oh my god you did!” She screeched childishly.

During all the commotion they whirled around the street corner and onto the road, nearly knocking straight into a policeman on a bicycle.

His voice boomed out of his little mouth. "Well isn't this most peculiar?" He questioned. The Doctor went to respond, but the man answered his own question. "Yes it is. Quite beard rubbingly peculiar indeed. I do often wonder what somebody wearing a trench coat could be doing with such a pretty little red head and then," he paused for a breath, "Waltzing down a street and straight into a policeman...."

The Doctor cut across, "Well, speaking from a technical, accurate and near outsider point of reference, we were not moving in a linear motion towards you as neither were you to us. We were moving in a near circular, perhaps elliptical motion in which you just happened to be in the radius of interception. So therefore,” The Galifreyan raised his right hand and pointed his index finger at the policeman, “you nearly drove straight into us!” The Doctor chuckled to himself. Turning to Abbie he whispered, loudly, “I do love you humans but you have some silly little ones amongst your ranks.”

A puzzled, and slightly offended, look flashed across the chubby middle aged policeman’s face. “Can I see some identification please.” He ordered. The Doctor grinned, but it was Abbie that spoke.

“Of course officer, as soon as I see proof of your occupation.”

“Identification, now.” Abbie leaned in close to the Doctor and whispered in his ear. “I don’t have any ID.”

The policeman pressed the sending button on his walkie talkie. “Assistance required. One male, one female, not cooperating, both aged between 25-35…”

The Doctor in reply whispered in his assistants ear. “We should probably be leaving now, on the count of…. Run!” The Time Lord turned to run but Abbie pushed the man off his bicycle before sprinting with the Doctor down the road.

By this point the public servant was in full pursuit, having abandoned the bike on the side of the road. His face was red and fuming. The Doctor had reached the Tardis and gotten inside, but in synchronization with the Doctors entrance to the space and time related vehicle a squad car blocked Abbie off.

The first policeman leaped at Abbie, tackling her, roughly, to the ground. She let out a soft scream as she went down and sent a pleading look at the Doctor, standing by the Tardis door. “Don’t worry dearie, Miranda rights, human rights and women’s right to vote, with all these they can’t touch you!” He began closing the door. “Oh right. Well. I’ll pick you up in five… Ish. Don’t panic, you would prosper in prison!”

She tried to call out to him but the door on the Tardis had already been sealed. She was swiftly whisked away, leaving the Doctor dancing and prancing around the control panel of his trademark device. He looked at the watch on his wrist, it was broken.

“Looks like it is time.”


The End

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