Stone CreatureMature

Is it finally here? Has the power finally arrived? 

These were the thoughts of the stone creature that watched the young sixteen year-old girl who seemed to be heading to the police station from school. He tilted his head as he watched her running his stone fingers over the wall that went round the flat rooftop. He couldn't hear the stone beneath his fingers but soon the grinding noise began to much. He heard a sound and span round to find his child stood behind him hands over its eyes as it is was weeping.

He watched it for a moment before turning away back to looking down at the girl in the street. "I think she's the one. The one to end our curse" the father told his child.

"Are you sure, archangel?"

"Of course I'm sure" he snapped back at his child. He heard other arrive and he pressed his stone lips together. He rolled his shoulder and closed his eyes trying to rid himself of the hurt that his child had raised within him. "You need to trust me. I'm almost certain this time"

"Certain isn't enough" another angel added. One of his older children. "We grow tired of this curse that people think is an evolutionary trait. We want to be free. To spread our wings"

"Don't you think I want that too?" the archangel yelled spinning round to face his children of which there were now three. He flicked his wings and turned away. Tiredly he lean't on the wall. He touched the halo resting on his head. Still stone. He yanked his arm down bringing it down on the wall cracking the stone under his hand.

"At least you can gain back your skin" the older child retorted again. The father laughed because while the child was right gaining back his skin was torture.

He walked round to another side of the building looking down into an alley. "I do it for us" he whispered as his eyes rested on a homeless young man resting in the alley he looked down into. He then jumped down. Slowly he approached the boy but the boy did not wake. Not until the archangel's hand fell onto the boys shoulder and then it was too late.

The archangel took a long breath as life seeped into his skin. For a moment he felt alive. Then he felt the lifeless stone wings on his back and the stone halo resting on his head. He clenched his fists looking up where his children hung from windowsills and the edge of the roof top. 

"We will fly again" he promised them before turning to leave the alley.


On his way to the school the angel had collected a trench coat which hid the wings on his back. He walked heavy on his feet not use to the feeling off free movement. He got tired of walking and flicked his wings so that he arrived at the school. 

Smiling he made his was inside and up to the receptionist. He wasn't use to smiling either and from the young ladies reaction from behind the desk it must not of been that appealing despite the physical appeal of his appearance. He coughed and stopped smiling leaning on the desk. "I'm here to inquire about the address for a Miss Samantha Holmes" 

"I'm sorry but I can only give information about a student to their family" she said popping something in her mouth and beginning to chew. She rudely turned away from me to her computer.

"Is that so.." I hummed trailing off flicking my wings. The women looked up but it didn't help her. She just got to look into my eyes as I snapped her neck. 

I was gone before her last scream reached any ears. It was at that point I was glad for the lack of individual DNA or even the ridiculousness of finger prints. As I headed back to my children there was a dark smile on my lips.

The End

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