Like Father, Like DaughterMature

The Doctor stayed in the seat. "I thought that went well, didn't you?" He was looking at the Irish woman, who was on her feet looking out the door where Sam had vanished. 

"Well?" Abbie sounded frustrated. "You thought that went well? Does that have a different meaning where you are from?!" She folded her arms and stalked over to the Doctor. "You do realize you are now exposed as a Time Traveler to a 16 year old girl!"

The Doctor laughed. "I expected nothing different. Exactly like her father. Tough on the outside, but I guarantee you, she is as soft as cookie dough on the inside...." The man continued talking but he trailed off into an inaudible whisper. "Are you hungry?"  

Abbie sighed. "Hungry at a time like this? When you, the Doctor, just get verbally demolished? Yes, I am starved." With that the Doctor hopped out of the seat and skipped out the door. "How're you always this happy?"

The Doctor joked. "Because curiosity always catches up with the cat." He smiled and swung around the corner, bumping straight into the Principle. 

"Ah Mr Doctorius. How was your class? Out a little early aren't we." The man chuckled to himself. 

He smiled curiously. "It seems there was a mistake I am afraid. Ms Holmes needs no tutoring from me. Not yet anyway. Perhaps in time she will reconsider." He gestured to Abbie to continue walking down the hall. "We must be off then, early lunch I think is in order. Abbie here skipped breakfast." The Doctor leaned in. "And between you and me, she doesn't eat enough anyway, I worry." 

The educator nodded his head in agreement. "I know that feeling, I have three daughters."

Abbie, ten paces away spoke, "I can hear you, y'know? And I don't have an eating problem!" 

The Doctor shrugged his shoulders and mouthed "Denial" to the Principle before skipping down the hall to Abbie's side. 


The duo sat in a small cafe. It was quaint and seemed to be run by an elderly couple. "Whoever the chief is," Abbie said, "deserves a medal. This meal, this food, is delectable. Simply wonderful." 

The Doctor raised his eyebrow. "You're eating a bread roll with butter m'dear. Not exactly delectable. Perhaps satisfying..." 

She swallowed a large chunk of the cuisine just in time for the arrival of her sandwich and coffee. She thanked the waiter politely and dived, mouth first, for the ham and cheese creation. 

The Doctor crossed his leg over his knee and leaned back into the chair. Watching her chew her food. Do I appreciate her involvement? He thought. She continued to bite viciously at the sandwich, like a shark attacking a bloodied fish. "Do you always eat like that?" He queried. 

She spoke through a full mouth. "Liwk wha'?" A small piece of cheese flew onto the table from her gaped mouth. She swallowed the food and spoke normally. "Oh, sorry." She laughed as she put a napkin over the stray cheese. 

She wrapped the napkin around the yellowish food and lay it to rest in her pocket. The Doctor looked at her oddly. "Well I can hardly leave it on the table, now can I?!" 

The Doctor stood up. "No, no I guess not. I'll pay, you wait outside."


The Doctor walked out of the door whistling to himself, obviously quite cheerful. He bounded over to Abbie, and with a cheeky little leap he clipped his heels together. He spoke with a musical tone in his voice. "Hi ho, hi ho, its time that we go..." He pointed in the direction. "To the Phone Booth!"

But as they went to walk away Abbie spoke. "Doctor", her tone was inquisitive and suddenly serious, "you don't think I... What the girl said. You don't believe her do you?" 

"The little girl? Abbie, she is 16. She may be smart, but she cannot read minds. She seems to be able to tell a lot from looking, like her father. But her father was not always so smart. He made mistakes and so has she." He  grabbed her shoulder and gave it a friendly squeeze. 

"Wha.. What was her mistake?" Asked Abbie, who looked a little upset now. 

The Doctor smiled from ear to ear, which brought a cheeky grin to the Irish woman's face.

"She underestimated a Time Lord." 

The End

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