Elementary, My Dear DoctorMature

Sam crossed her legs and glared at the strange man across the room from her who was spinning his sonic device, looking a little too pleased with himself. Who did he think he was? He would never make Sam bend to his will. Never.

"I don't need you, Doctor, to inform me who my father is," Sam clearly heard Abbie's sharp intake of breath. The Doctor had never told her that Doctorious was not his name.

"Ohhh that's clever," The Doctor muttered, tapping the end of his sonic against the table.

"Quite. I also know that you have a double cardiovascular system. I can see your pulse by your neck. Took me a while to notice it, I'll admit. Firstly, it shouldn't be visible. Secondly, its rather erratic for a human and you sir are clearly not human - and not just because you don't believe you are,"

Sam stood and marched over to where Abbie sat, towering over her. Her tie was dangling inches from the poor woman's face. "As for you, you aren't even from this time period. Your clothes and fashion won't be around for another five or six years or so." Abbie opened her mouth to speak but no words came out.

Looking towards the Doctor she smirked, "And you really thought I wouldn't notice the police box outside the school that hadn't been there yesterday?"

Quirking an eyebrow she began to pace around the room, "So the real question is, why are you so interested in me? Or, to put it another way, what does my father have to do with any of this? I know who he is and what he accomplished in his life."

The Doctor began to speak but she held up a hand to stop him, pausing in the trench she was wearing away into the floor.  "The only plausible explanation is that you are both time travelers. You brought Abbie along with you in your journey for the hell of it, because you wanted to be adored," She spat out the words with disgust.

The Doctor slowly put his sonic screwdriver back in his pocket and stared at the floor, looking rather glum.

"There is a better explanation for it," He murmured.

Sam jumped at his statement, "Yes, but it wouldn't be the correct one. Abbie does indeed adore you, but do you appreciate her involvement in your life? I know we look tiny to you having life spans so much shorter than your own. But honestly, you need to see further than your own nose," Samantha walked up to him and leaned down so her mouth was next to his ear, "I won't go back in time. You can't make me,"

The Doctor curled a strand of her bouncy springy hair around his forefinger, "Doesn't it tempt you though, Ms. Holmes,"

Sam stood abruptly, pulling away from him, "Sam. Call me Sam."

"First name basis now?" Abbie spoke up, finally finding her voice.

Scowling, the young detective walked back to the door and turned on the Doctor's sonic screwdriver. While he was preoccupied with her whispers in his ear, she had pickpocketed the device from him.

The door opened with a tiny click. Looking over her shoulder, Sam gave them a ghastly half smile, her scar tilting upwards, "I won't be seeing you again. Leave before I call the police for impersonating a teacher,"
"Tutor," The Doctor countered as the heavy door slammed shut.

"She got all that just by looking at us?" Abbie squeaked.

The Doctor pinched the bridge of his nose and sighed. This was going to be far more difficult than he had first anticipated.


The End

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