Some Kind of Joke?Mature

Sam glanced at her watch. She had two minutes before the bell rang. It was true, she was attempting to avoid her next class in particular. Astronomy. Samantha didn't care about planets! As far as she was concerned, there wasn't anything beyond this itty bitty rock called Earth. Nothing important anyway. The PA system buzzed to signal another boring notice or other. This one however had her name in it. Sam paused in her march down the hallway and cocked her head to one side, catching the whirring words pouring out of the overhead speakers.

'Would Ms. Holmes please report to the headmasters office, Ms. Holmes report to the headmaster's office, thank you,' The announcement shut off with a shrill, deafening tone. Sam jammed her pinky in her ear and wiggled it around, attempting to bring some life back to her eardrum. Why did Mr. Plod want her in the office? She hadn't done anything wrong had she? It was only third period. All that she could recall was muttering 'whor' under her breath as Stacy passed her in the hallway. Surely Stacy hadn't heard her...?
Sighing, Sam turned on her heel and walked back down the hallway in the opposite direction.


When she reached Mr. Plod's office she was met with a most curious sight. There was man there, his feet propped on the headmaster's desk. He was chattering away about this and that, a grin plastered on his face that stretched from ear to ear. Sam felt her eyebrows raise in surprise.

"Ah there you are, you must be Samantha!" The man slid his feet off of Mr. Plod's desk and stuck his hand out to the young detective. She glared at it, refusing to touch this stranger,

"Headmaster, with all due respect, who is this?"

"This is Mr.Doctorious, your new Astrolo-I mean Astronomy tutor." Mr.Plod stroked his stubble and smiled unconciously at the strange man. What sort of outfit was he wearing? Trench coats hadn't been in style since...wait. Doctorious? But wasn't that....

"You didn't happen to be near a crime scene yesterday by any chance?"

Samantha heard the words coming out of her mouth, but she couldn't quite believe it. Yet again, her mind had worked subconciously quicker than she could handle.

Narrowing her eyes, she inspected this new character. On the outside he appeared somewhat eccentric, but on the most part normal. Sam could see deeper than that. There was a mark on his right wrist where he had held a metal object several times. It had grown quite hot lately leaving a red bar where it had burnt him. It was not a normal tool, perhaps something he had constructed himself?

And then there were his shoes. The dirt encrusted on it was from several different environments, none of it from anywhere near there.

He held himself in the manner of someone who thought himself to be important. Sam could sense that he actually was quite important.

His body language was unreadable and foreign - inhuman even....

"Why yes actually," He offered her another dazzling grin. Sam ignored it and turned to Mr. Plod.

"Is this man's credential's liable?" She asked. The headmaster nodded to Mr. Doctorious who withdrew a black wallet. He flipped it open to reveal a blank paper.

Samantha burst out laughing, "Is this some kind of joke? Is it April Fool's day? The paper is blank!" She roared, gesturing towards the stranger who suddenly looked crestfallen.

"He is obviously a fraud. Besides, I have never requried a tutor for Astronomy."

Mr. Plod was growing very red in the face, "Young lady, must I remind you again that I am your headmaster and you will do as I say!"

Mr. Plod was a very thin and frail old man but when he rose to his staggering height of six feet he was quite threatening. The headmaster stared down at the curly haired girl, daring her to defy him.

Samantha scowled and looked away from him, "Yes sir,"

"Good. Mr. Doctorious you may use the teacher's lounge until the next bell," Mr. Plod turned away from them , signaling the end of the conversation.

Mr. Doctorious stood and clapped his hands together like a delighted child,

"Right then, let's get started!"


The End

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