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The officer looked at the well dressed man with a peculiar look. "What do you mean, your name is "The Doctor". He folded his arms, a clear sign that he was done with games. 

"Well". Began the Gallifreyan. "I am the Doctor. I am not sure how else I can put that ; it is my name, my purpose, my occupation, my identity, my destiny and my status in the Universe of things."

The police man sighed. "Yes, yes. Alright 'Doctor'." Slight annoyance could be felt in the words of the middle aged man. "But Doctor who?"

The Doctor laughed a little obnoxiously. "I have been asking that very question myself for centuries. However, despite my curiosity into the answer, I am not quite sure. I could be Doctor Hartnell, Doctor Smith, or Doctor Tennant. But I like the ring of Doctor Doctor. Because then, as you so nicely demonstrated previously, you say 'Who?' and I say 'Doctor' and you, again, say 'Who?' And thus we enter a paradox where I have answered your question but you are still lost as to who I am and thus, will continue with your question, despite my 'Doctor' being not a title representing my achieving a medical degree or phD in a very specific field, as you would believe, but in actual reality, it is simply my name."   

The policeman rolled his eyes, the conversation had obviously exhausted his already thin nerves. "Just get out of my sight before I decide you are a menace to the public."

The Doctor smiled and turned to walk away. "Actually!" It was the Doctor that spoke. The man on the horse stooped his shoulders, obviously fed up with the conversation. 

"What is it now 'Doctor'?" His tone was dry and emotionless, trying to end talking to the Doctor with minimal effort. 

"Why are you on a horse?" His query seemed innocent. "It is only the year 2028. Surely something has been invented by you people that allows animals to roam free whilst leaving the police force a semi dignified way of transport that is near emission free?" 

The police man just scowled. Then it hit him. "Did you just say 'invented by you people'?" The man genuinely started to look worried and reached around for his walkie-talkie.

The Doctor smiled. "Oh, do you see that?" He looked upward towards the sky with a look of intense interest. The officer bought it and glared towards the sky, having to squint against the bright sunshine.

"What am I..." He looked down for the Doctor but he was gone. "Hey, Doctor, Doctor where are you?" He reached around for his walkie-talkie. "This is Officer Wilks, I've got a loon walking about near my location. He is about 6 foot tall, wearing a full length black trench coat, medium length brown hair and goes by the name of 'The Doctor'. I don't believe he is dangerous but could possibly have escaped from the Asylum. Can I get a sit rep on the Asylum for any escaped patients?" He placed the device back around his belt and looked around, but the odd man was nowhere to be seen.


The Doctor entered the Tardis with a newly invigorated kick in his walk. He flung his coat off and over the usual beam, where it landed perfectly, letting gravity swing it down and around before stopping. 

Abbie giggled to herself. "Looks like somebody had fun. See something unusually interesting did we?" She asked. 

"Oh I did. It was most interesting. There was an old lady with a dog, that I think shares my interest in country music, a dead boy, an interesting policeman on a horse and a pretty little woman in a window, who looked like she was thinking quite intensely." The Doctor just let himself drop to the ground and he sat there with his legs crossed like a child.

"Doctor, did you just say what I think you said?" Abbie looked slightly worried.

"Yes I know, someone that could possibly share my interest in music..." He jumped up as if suddenly someone jabbed him with a pen. "We should go see what she was like when she was younger, I cannot let someone like her get away!" He dashed over to the controls and was about to start hitting buttons when Abbie grabbed his arm. 

"No, not about the woman. Are we here because of the boy you saw? The ... Dead one." Her throat caught when trying to get out the final two words. 

The Doctor turned to her, and pushed himself up onto the controls, he sat there with a smile on his face. "Oh no, no, no. We are here for the woman in the window, and she is here right now because of the boy. So, I guess, in a roundabout, odd, out of context kinda way, yes we are here because of the boy."

He quickly pushed himself off the controls. "But!"

Abbie interrupted him. "There is always a 'but'." She sighed. 

He continued. "I might let you go shopping tomorrow, for real clothes... Instead of those... Army rags." He laughed as he looked her up and down. 

She smiled, showing her crisp white teeth. "Oh my really?" 

The Doctor grinned devilishly. "That is if tomorrow ever comes. We might just skip right by it...." He laughed to himself, in synchronization with Abbie letting out an exasperated breath. 

The End

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