And Now For Something Completely DifferentMature

Tired of the boring everything that comes with a story? Having writers block? Don't worry about it, anymore. Come in, and let your mind be free. Put down everything that randomly comes to mind. Release your inner Boco, and be free!


We think that we have everything figured out.  That our minds are just ill.  The madness, crazies, and such are all nothing but disorders of the mental state.  This science that explains everything.  Tell me what am I then?  What are we?

Crisis sat down at the table, and looked upon his fellow members.  Core, who was drinking his sixth cup of coffee, sat to his left.  Sane sat to the holy knight's right as he read from his book. Chaos found a comfortable position with his feet propped on the table.  Boco was gnawing on the table, as usual.

"You all know why I brought you here today."  he said.

"No, I fucking don't!"  Chaos barked out.  "Why don't you tell us?"

Crisis stared in his direction.  The lord of the chaotic realm.  It's surprising that he even came.  

"We are out of biscuits."  Everyone gasped, except for Boco who was still eating the table.

Core slammed the table with his coffee mug.  "That's impossible!  I bought groceries last weekend!"

Chaos got up, and pointed a skillet at Boco.

"I bet you did it with your Blathersnarf-things!"  Chaos shouted accusingly.

Boco looked up from his table.  "Maht?" he mouthed as he chewed.  This infuriated Chaos to the point of him rapidly beating Boco with the skillet.

"You called us all here for just that?"  Sane asked as he stared at his book.  "It would be much more ideal, if we made a plan of action."

Crisis had to agree with the wise magi.  He pulled out his sword, and raised it to the sky.  Of course, doing so in a room caused the tip to get stuck in the ceiling.

"Let us make haste to the convenience store!"  Crisis bellowed triumphantly.  He left the sword hanging, and ran out the door.

Core downed the last of his coffee.  "Another cup won't hurt."  he twitched.  The weapons master got up, and instantly hit his head on the hilt of Crisis' sword.  He fell to the ground twitching madly.

Sane shook his head, and flipped the next page.  He then chuckled before another.  "Are you not going with him, Chaos?"  The magi asked.

Chaos shrugged.  "Well, I do need a new skillet."  He held up the metal shrapnel that used to be a frying pan.  "Fucking bastard has a hard head."  The lord took his coat, and stormed out after the holy one.

Boco was halfway through the table now, with blood squirting from his wound.  He looked up at Sane.  "Sane?  Where did everyone go?"  he asked.

Sane looked over, and patted his blood soaked head.  "Never you mind, they're just getting fresh air."  he said.

Boco was confused as he scratched his head with his foot.  He then shot up screaming, "Oh I know what to do now!"  The random one then walked over to the sword in the ceiling, pulled it out, and flung it at the door.  At that moment, Hirru had walked through the door. He was pierced instantly, and was drop kicked out the door by Boco yelling, "Now is not the time for that!"

The End

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