Anarchy Through The Years

Just had a brainstorm one day. Dunno if this is just what I see as anarchy or if it is the truth. Just thought I might put it out there.

Anarchy is essentially a want for change in a main society or a creation of another society that the main society does or does not agree with.

Remember: Society is just a group of peoples’ idealistic world shown to a community of people.

Empires: Empires are seen as a forceful anarchy that can become the main society. Whether it’s the Romans, Greeks, Vikings, Normans, Babylonians, Celts, English, Mongolians, French, Japanese, Spanish, Russians, Germans, Americans or Portuguese, these empires have all pushed their ‘anarchist’ ideals onto our society or changed our society completely. If these empires hadn’t have happened, we wouldn’t have roads, governments, trade, spices, sugar, Halloween, Easter, Christmas 4th of July, Thanksgiving, armies, the Olympics, education, bi-lingual’s, hybrid-raced people (a person of two different races), motorways, castles, the medieval age, the iron age, the age of exploration, and Australia and possibly the Americas would still be undiscovered. Empires can be created in many ways including: territorial wars/conquer, religion, politics, social, media and global influence. Certainly now, the US has nearly the whole world under its empire in the social, political and media aspect.

Religion & Cults: Religion & cults kind of go hand in hand with empires. In some cases, religion can also be seen as an empire itself. Religion & cults change peoples’ views of the world, their morals, and even their festivals. Sometimes religions merge with another to form a new religion or cult. Christianity would be the largest ‘anarchist’ for this point as it has the largest following, has the most sub-religions (Catholics, Protestants, Lutherans etc.), is steeped in history, has controlled several countries and are the most watched in the sense that even the Catholic pope makes headline news on a frequent basis. The Westboro Baptist Church is famous for its controversial ‘anarchist’ views. The WBC wants change but don’t know what the change is and frequently picket at media-centred funerals and the like to make sure people know that they are still there while they make up their minds on what they want. A lot of people see the WBC as a cult instead of a religion due to the lack of followers and the ones who do follow are all part of the same family (much like the Manson family).

Feminism: While ignoring the borderline-ridiculous feminist, feminism in itself has been successful for changing a women’s role and life in society in past, present and future. It is possibly one of the biggest ‘anarchist’ changes within society itself without creating a new society. Feminism brought many rights for women such as: the right to vote, to work, to have 3rd level education, have a high-profile job (for example, president), to fight in wars, and even the right to marry whomever they wish to marry. Feminism also gave women: make-up, trousers, singers, actresses, driving licences, contraception, property ownership and surprisingly, even a voice that can be heard (for example, allowed to give opinions, can get spouse arrested for domestic violence). While feminists are frowned upon and even mocked today for their power-hungry ways, in the past it stopped women being a material object and a baby dispenser. However, despite everything, there are still places in the world where women have no rights.

Pirates: Pirates are the most notorious ‘anarchist’ society in history, but, little is known about them and how the three main ages differ in so many ways. To start off, we’ll be looking at the Vikings, then the Caribbean pirates (also known as the Golden age of pirates) and then finally the modern day pirates.

  1. While Vikings were mentioned previously, as an empire, there was also a segment of their society known as pirates as well before the term was coined in 1500’s-1700’s). While they conquered Scandinavia, Iceland, Denmark, and Ireland, they never really conquered Scotland and resorted to piracy as many Celtic tribes kept their ground such as the Picts, a well known rival of the Vikings). Outside their homeland (mainly Norway), Dublin (or Dvbhlinna as they called it), was their first base of operations and their first conquered land outside of Scandinavia due to Ireland switching from castles to monasteries during this age (10th century-11th century). Vikings are well known for going berserk, taking over and burning down entire villages, stealing everything, raping women, murdering, slave-trading, mead, and having their own religion (Norse). What a lot of people don’t realise is that the Vikings are the first people to have a version of hell (Hel, was a place where non-warriors, kings or non-heroes went). The Vikings also set up the first retail company and created a chain of stores (for selling what they stole from villages taken over such as food, drink, jewels, and slaves).
  2. Caribbean Pirates or the Golden Age of Piracy: The Caribbean pirates started out as sailors and mercenaries for the English government due to the trading feuds with Spain, Denmark and France in the Caribbean. Sir Captain Henry Morgan started it all off without officially being called a pirate by everyone. During his mercenary days, he was just as brutal and fierce though, taking over many large Spanish towns, ports, and forts on the Mexican strip of land. During this time he was knighted. Although, once the feuds were over, and a trading ring was opened, he was out of the job. He and other mercenaries were suddenly out of pocket and stranded in a place where most people wanted their blood. So they cut their ties with the society they knew and set sail. They first found an island that was mainly abandoned so they can call it home, then they started robbing ships for the coin that they so desperately needed. They spent their days stealing, drinking and laying with women while fighting off naval ships. This lasted for more than two centuries and brought us many things that we do not recognise them for, including: democracy, new land, sea trading routes and they even allowed women to have lead roles (for example, Anne Bonney). They were also known for trading captured people for medical supplies for their crew. However, treasure maps never existed apart from in fictional stories.
  3. Modern day pirates: Modern day pirates are a mix of Viking and Caribbean pirates. The most notorious modern day pirates are the Somalians.  The reason Somalian pirates exist are due to poverty and sickness in their homeland. They raid ships for money and also steal ships and hostages and hold them for ransom all for the sake of money to help feed, educate, and take care of their families. Essentially, they turned their backs on the main society when the main society turned their backs on them. Now that the people from Somalia have turned into pirates and are causing a fuss on the trading routes, the main society media has turned their attention on them and instantly accused them of being bad people for their “unlawful” habits. While modern day pirates have not done anything really for the main society, it may perhaps wake people up to the amount of poor people in this world (which is way over 50%). Then again, they might just be pushed into war, their faction annihilated and then left to pick up their own pieces while they rich countries sit back and sip from the chalice of victory.

Politics: Politics have the biggest influence on any given society. Politics can change, enforce laws, impoverish, dictate, enslave, and even force people to go to war. Every political society is generally against every other political society that is different from theirs. The most famous political societies from the 1900’s onwards are: Democracy, Capitalism, Fascism, Socialism and Communism, with Fascism and Communism being the most hated for their “wrong” ways in dictatorship. What people don’t realise is that Capitalism itself is a dictatorship as large corporations control their country without people needing to vote upon it. Essentially, all political societies are “anarchist” societies in each other’s views as they all have differing beliefs and ideals. Each one leaves a large mark on the history of the world due to wars (European war (that turned into World War I & II) on Fascism, American-South Korean war on Communism, American Multi-National Corporations, Irish democracy, and Lenin’s Socialism that turned into Stalin’s Communism).

Ireland: Surprised this is here? You shouldn’t be. There is no society like Ireland in the world. Ireland is the biggest anarchist of the 20th & 21st century as a nation. Its’ society, politics, community and global influence is like non-other. The government cannot lift a single finger unless it is voted on. Ireland has fought the longest and hardest against all odds to get its freedom and the people of Ireland are free in every aspect. When Ireland got its first government, the government promised that every Irish citizen will have an education, a roof over their heads and money in their pockets, and this promise still stand to this day. This promise was made after the mess the British crown had left the Irish population in after they had gained their freedom. However, this promise was put into a stranglehold up until the late 1960’s, as the Catholic church ruled Ireland with an iron thumb up until that point. Nowadays, 90% of the Irish population have a 3rd level education and over 50% have private-owned homes, at least one car and are able to afford holidays abroad. For everyone who can’t find a job, there’s a massive social care system in place which provide temporary funds, medical payments, educational grants for college, council homes, education opportunities and job opportunities to anyone struggling. People unable to work due to disabilities (such as Downs Syndrome or Autism) are also cared for. While it is disappointing that a lot of people take advantage of this social care system so they don’t have to work, it does work well for others trying to find their feet. There’s nowhere else in the world where you can be anything you want no matter what your background if you work hard enough for it. Due to its’ no-guns law, friendly people, low (compared to other countries) crime rate, and opportunities of every aspect, Ireland is the 5th safest place to live in the world. The Irish government persistently say no to any big change in Irish society that the EU or the world wants unless the Irish population agree on it. Ireland listens to and obeys no one but itself and its people. It is a society upon itself. This is true anarchy. 

The End

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