Analysis of survey

The majority of the people who took this survey answered 'female', but all of them answered that they were 16-24, as predicted in my audience profiling. This reaffirms my idea on who I should cater my video to. I can certainly start by having a young female being the main protagonist of the video, as my audience will identify with her more easily (Blumler and Katz' uses and gratifications theory). Because my audience is young, the themes and messages in it should be relatable to teens. 

Slide 3 got a very varied results - most of them favoured artistic film work which isn't surprising. As my music video will be in the alternative pop genre, I expect to incorporate this. Uniqueness came in second, which meant that I will need to try to incorporate ideas and execute it as distinctly as possible. 

For Slide 4, a boring storyline was the winner. As my target audience is young, failing to connect by having an uninteresting story is the worst thing, Therefore, I will ensure that my audience is emotionally invested in the video, by creating emotive effect through the technical codes.

For slide 5, a combination is the most preferable option. I will consider this and may include a lipsync performance to compliment the storyline. 

For slide 6, it seems that the majority of people have chosen that they prefer a simple storyline over a complex one. It was initially surprising, but it does not necessarily mean that the audience wants a simple video. Because previously they mentioned that they like artistic cinematography, there should still be rich layers of meaning in the video.

Because the song itself is about a romantic relationship and because a illustrative link between the lyrics and the visuals is probably the most appropriate in order to captivate a younger female audience, the first option in slide 7 should be considered. However, a vast majority chose a tour around the city. I will thus merge the two ideas together. 

Most people chose that a music video should have a reference to other media, which is good because it confirms my statement that references enhance the meaning of the video. People almost unanimously chose that casual clothing was the most appropriate clothing choice, which also confirms the codes and conventions of an alternative pop music video. 

The results on whether the video should have a happy or sad ending is surprisingly 50/50, but at the same time it is understandable because the alternative genre is a very diverse genre and cannot always have a specific mood associated with it. Perhaps an ambiguous ending might be appropriate. However, because my song is a sad song, I should probably lean on the sadder side for the video. 

The End

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