Ana Wesel

A collaborative story to tell the story of poor, fifty-year-old Ana, accused of witchcraft and burned at the stake. Why was she accused? It's up to the collaborators to decide. The only chapter I'm writing is the first.

Two weeks after...

Horrid, animalistic screeches filled the air, firelight bouncing off the alleys as the creatures -for that was what they were, now - chased the figure through the grimy streets.  Stones smacked her back as she slowed down, exhausted.  She was too old for this.  A larger rock hit the back of her head, stunning her momentarily.  Almost instantly, they were upon her, scratching and kicking and hurting her.

A large man pushed through the thong, the only one not turned feral, it seemed. "What do you have to say for yourself, Ana? You were such a nice lady.  But witchcraft?"

Ana whimpered.  "It wasn't witchcraft, Jeremy! I was-"

"BURN HER!" one of the animals shrieked.  "BURN HER!" 

Soon it turned into a chant, the mob screaming to kill the poor woman lying helplessly on the ground.

"Well, well," Jeremy had to yelp over the noise, "We should bring her to court!  Let the judge say what to do with her!"

"To hell with the court!" someone said back, and the collection grabbed Ana roughly and dragged her to the town square, where a smaller mob had already prepared a stake on which to perform the routine.  

Screaming and yelling obscenities, the feral people tied her to her doom.

The next chapter should be two weeks before this, and why she was accused and eventually killed.  Please have any authors notes be like this.

The End

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