Closure (watermark)Mature

"Stop! Don't do it!"

 I looked at her menacingly and held on to the scrap of paper firmly, a sweat drop trickling down my brow. I had them all under my control now but I knew that there was only one way for this to end. They were not going to relent.

 "Just hand me that paper and no one will get hurt," she spoke again.

 Wrong, I thought.

 I flicked the lighter switch on and a flame appeared, illuminating the contours of my face. Shadows danced in the darkness and I could feel a growing sense of urgency from the crew while a flicker of satisfaction threatened to give me away. This was it. If I was meant to die, I would not go down alone.

 I set the paper alight and dropped it on the ground along with the lighter. It felt like a scene in slow motion watching them as they screamed and jumped at the flames, trying to salvage what they could. That piece of paper had our only way out, our only means of survival. And I indulged in the panic which I had just created but that was just a momentary indulgence. The bullets came and I didn’t try to resist. The last few days had been strife with the betrayal that consumed me, just like the flames that were eating at their freedom. It didn’t take long for my system to slowly shut down as the bullets continued to invade my body until I slowly started to feel detached from everything around me. I was a free bird floating high above them all and there was a serenity and peace at last.

The End

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