Betrayal (darkliquid)Mature

I'd given everything up for Eliza, left no friendship broken, no trust betrayed. As I sat, watching the landscape pass on our way to our destination I didn't feel anything. No guilt, only perhaps anticipation. Once I delivered this, whatever it was, to it's destination we'd finally be free to be together.

Stuck as I was in my musings, I barely noticed as the craft came to a stop. We'd come off the coast and inland, towards the marshes and all around us the stench of marsh gas bubbling up from beneath the surface filled out nostrils.

"What is it? What's wrong?"

The captain turned his gaze on me but my eyes were fixed on the pistol by his hip pointed at me.

"Give us the paper and we'll tell them we left you for dead in the marshes. This doesn't have to get bloody."

"You know I can't do that, this is the only way I can get Eliza back."

"That's not my problem, nor my employers. Last chance."

The crew had also drawn their weapons and it was clear any form of resistance was futile. I could lunge for one but the others would gun me down before I could relieve one of a weapon. Instead, I whipped out a lighter and held it by the scrap of paper.

"One wrong move and I burn this thing straight to hell!"

The End

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