Strange (iamkathybrown13)Mature

As I made my way through the throng of nervous migrants I wondered whether Eliza had followed me after all. So despite the whispering doubt I walked over to the ticket master, who was holding a list and calling out names to the crowd of people trying to swamp him.

"Your son should have exited through Entrance B," he told a distraught mother. She thanked him and left, giving me just enough room to elbow my way to the front.

"Do you have an Eliza onboard?" 

"Is that her full first name?"


He scrolled down the the touchscreen with a thick finger. "Last name please."

I told him. After scrolling through for a few minutes he shook his head.

"She's not on the list."


He turned to another passenger. Irritated and disappointed I turned around and walked to the luggage pick up. As I waited for my battered duffel bag to come into view, one man walked over to me, looking around nervously.

"Hey, I have some info for you."

"You do?"

"Yeah. But we can't speak here. We have to go somewhere  private. Look, in half an hour they are going to take us to the shelters on the other side of the planet. I'll talk to you once we get to our living quarters."

I nodded and he limped away. What this strange encounter meant I have no idea. But hopefully it would lead me to Eliza somehow. The overhead speakers blared and I spotted my duffel bag. Time to see what sort of world I had ended up in.

The End

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