Journey (ElzuWolfe)Mature

Bloated and flowing freely through the contorted oblivion, I feel the endless bobbing of bodies brush beside me. I feel my knuckles drag along the riverbed, grinding against the sharp splinters of dark and jagged rocks. Blades of glass pierce upwards and pull deeply on my soul as I drink from the darkened stream.

I lack concentration as I see the screaming skulls beside me. I feel the floor float away and suddenly I am airborne, scrying the skies for a splinter in my side. I can feel the fingers of the dead lightly touch my wrinkling palms, where the water has drained into my skin.

I remember the day Eliza kissed me. Felt that throbbing pain stranded in the topsy turvy ocean that surrounded me in this pale pink sky. I felt that needle in my eye, that strange empathy with the dead. The day she kissed me.

Behind us the waterfall toppled greatly into the staggered and fiery abyss that penetrated the earthworks below. My arms were pushed out widely, as if I were flapping them, flying into the beyond, my friends and enemies at my side dripping into Elysium with me.

My scar tissue vanished and slowly my face faded away, featureless skin tracing through to twilight and into midnight sky.

Suddenly I was walking forwards towards the rusty gates. It seemed to me that no one had been in this place for a long time. That no one was meant to come again. Gold peeled off the iron frame and the white roses dripped with red paint. I felt my finger nails quiver as they scraped along the copper bars. For a moment, the air was still.

The End

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