The Sequel - Fate (ixarux)Mature

I found myself gasping for breath as the cold waters stung my skin. I struggled to cross the river but found myself swept along with the rapid currents. In the distance I could hear screams and the barking dogs.

I smiled to myself. I did not know where the river led, but I felt safe for the moment. I closed my eyes and let the river wrap itself around me; the gentle eddies of water spinning my body around. My body, no longer in my control; was now at the mercy of the fluvial motions.

But there was comfort in not having to make choices anymore, to let these liquid currents take me where they wished to take me. But so unlike the winds of time that scattered my life in so many places, I still struggle to piece myself together.

All the names and faces that ever meant anything to my life are but fleeting memories on the banks of the river. Here, I see Eliza, over there I see Minette, and in the distance I catch a glimpse of Sarah, even as the dead body floats by my side. I am certainly not alone in this journey.

It’s all there, pieces of the jigsaw that are fragments of my life. Maybe the river was taking me to where I really belonged, where I was meant to be, and just maybe, where my true destiny awaits me and my lost soul.

The End

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