Bedraggled (BDrewCollier)Mature

"Yeah," I chuckled, "the walls have ears."

"And eyes." She poked one ruby-red fingernail into my chest. "Don't mock me. You're on the most-wanted list."

"Would that be your most-wanted list?"

She rolled her eyes and led me inside.

I don't kiss and tell, so I'm keeping the details of our encounter to myself. Suffice it to say that I was on the road long before the sun came up. She kitted me out with enough cash to make it through the next week, a map with a highlighted route from her place to a secluded cabin in Burkettsville, and the keys to her pick-up. 

"Remember," she whispered, nibbling at my earlobe, "keep your head down. I'll be there in a week." She gave me a gentle push out the door.

I looked back at her, caught in a halo of light from the doorway, and blew a kiss before I put the Ford in gear and rolled down the street. Once I was out of sight, I pointed the long hood of the truck back toward town. She was sweet to try and help, but I knew there was no way any of this would be over until all the loose ends were tied up.

By the time the sun broke through the Ford's windshield, I was parked across the street from Matt's telling myself I should really start the truck and follow the yellow path she'd marked on the map, but I never listened to good advice, especially my own. Instead I waited and watched the door. I had to find the trail again and follow it to the end.

The pick-up got stuffy as the sun climbed higher, and the long night finally caught up with me. My head felt like a bag of sand, and my eyes wanted to stay closed a little bit longer each time I blinked. I settled my head against the door pillar, just for a second.

Next thing I knew, a knocking sound jerked me out of a dream where I was tangled in dirty ropes. I blinked my eyes, until I could focus, and peered out the window at a blue uniform with a bright badge pinned to the shirt pocket.

"Hey, Sleeping Beauty," the patrolman barked, "step outta the truck and keep your hands where I can see them."

The End

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