Motion (Moonwalker)Mature

... ,as she flies through the canopy made by the tree tops. She stops and hovers, waiting for me. She smiles at me as I break through the foliage. She doesn't know how I feel about her, nor will she ever know. She sees me only as her best friend, nothing more. I would rather spend a lifetime beside her as a friend, than an hour without her as a rejected lover. She grasps my wrist and pulls me the rest of the way out of the greenery.

“I have something to show you. I don't really know what to make of it. Will you come with me?” She asks.

I make a sweeping mock bow mid air, as I answer her. “Lead on milady Minette.”

She laughs, and flies ahead of me, leaving the forest behind us. The air becomes colder and thinner as we gain altitude. Breathing is becoming slightly more difficult as she swerves in toward the mountain peak that is all but hidden by thick mist. She makes a perfect pointed toe landing on the lip of a cave that seems to be drilled out of the solid rock face of a perpendicular cliff. I land in behind her, and follow her into the cave. There is a roaring fire going in the centre of what looks to be a rather roomy cavern. There are several men and women of our kind sitting around the fire, eating fruit and vegetables from the healthy harvest this year. A few of the men drink frothy ale from pewter tankards.

I know our clan has been on the move as I conducted my scouting expedition. I see a small group of elders off to one side, in deep discussion. I expect they will want to know my findings. I move forward toward the gathering, but Minette stops me with a hand on my shoulder.

“Wait. There's something you need to see before you speak to the elders.” She told me.

She followed the swirl of smoke from the fire straight up, and out through a crevice in the rock at the top of the cavern. As we come out into the clear cold air, I land in the snow, and wash the smoke out of my watering eyes. Minette does the same, then points North.

“look!” Her voice has a distinct tremble of fear in it. “What do you think that is?”

I look steadily at the solid airborne mass that seems to be hovering about a mile above an enormous human city. I expect the people underneath it would see it as a thundercloud, but my heightened senses know better.

The End

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