Balance (Abc_adams)Mature

I have survived for long, and walked many miles to become what I am now: a saint and a sinner; a soldier of fate and destiny, a force that tries to instil balance in the universe. When anything has attempted to go beyond itself and its Hubris has threatened the balance around us, I have battled it to maintain harmony. I am the Yin to the Yang; and the Yang to the Yin.

But this is the first time I feel anxious. I walk past the mists of time, into the abandoned ruins that hold her form. I see the dance of spirits and the chains that imprison all those who have tried to stop the malevolence before. In the distance is her silhouette, a pale shadow of the brilliant hues and shades that I am so used to seeing around her.

I walk on, the mist covering the path behind me. With the path gone, I feel my past shut its doors on me. I forget how I reached here. I know she is Eliza, the woman I love and I know that I am here to quell the forces that trap her. But who is she really, and how did she become a part of my life?

I walk on. There is pain in the air, a subtle reminder of the force that I am up against. I clutch my dagger tightly, and smell the air for trouble. I am a soldier of destiny; immortal and brave. Time wraps itself in a cocoon around me and I am fearless now.

Ahead I see the woman I love, her wings a sparkle of iridescent blue...

The End

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