Memory (Elzuwolfe)Mature

These memories wrapped around us like dust motes settling on ancient plinths being carried backwards through time. We had been taken to this place so far from reality, so far from our own memory that we had to wonder what was even real.

Yes. They had got to her house before me. But they had underestimated me.

Deep in the rivers of my dreams lurked the focus for future; the undeniable logic that things must proceed and that whether forwards or backwards through time, it would always be my linear future.

They could not carry me in their dark arms through the ash filled sky. I was impenetrable.

Truth settled in beside me. We were like caged animals, unfed and starved from light. Encapsulated in trickles of memory, we fought for survival.

They began to eat each other. And as Truth ate Love, and Initiative devoured Passion we became creatures of the darkest kind. Fugitives in a forgotten world.

Eliza’s soft skin glistened against the moonlight that dappled through the bars. I couldn’t resist but to taste her skin in deep breaths of hunger drunk irises.

She was taken before me and slaughtered like a lamb. They paraded her body through the darkening world. Would no one stop the death of these dreams, would nobody console me in the ever present past? I would move on forever, forever would be my future, could I peel this present apart?

I stepped out into the world of sepia, my soul was naked and torn against the elements. They bound me in chains and punished my body until, through skin, you could see my bones.

I thought I might perish under the forgotten moon in this forgotten place but logic told me that I would live forever, now without my sister near me. Hope had been stolen from my world.

The End

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