Despair (Elorithryn)Mature

What happened on that fateful day you ask? Well if you’d really like me to tell you I suppose I can. Nothing like bringing up the past and opening wounds, though my mother always said it makes them heal faster. To me if feels like picking a scab and making it bleed all over again. Still you wanted to know.

The battles had been getting worse and worse, coming closer and closer to home. They hadn’t been letting me leave either. Wanted me to stay a fight cause they were losing so many upon the battle field. So one night I left.

Three of us snuck out of the camp they’d put us in. We bribed the nearest watchman with a bottle of the best our weeks pay would get. It was better than he’d ever get on his own so he let us past the perimeter. I heard they had caught him the next morning, passed out drunk and had him killed on the spot. Thinking back on it now I almost wish they’d done the same to me.

My companions and I stayed together until we hit the Sinbad junction. There we all went our separate ways. Three deserters would be harder to find once split up. At least that was out thinking. Unfortunately, we forgot about the resources they had. The bastards sent a group after each of us. Peter they caught before he made home. Benjamin was caught in the arms of his wife. But for me they saved a special treat.

See they got to her house before me and laid in wait. I knew something was up with the way she trembled. Taking her in my arms I told her everything would be all right and that I was here to stay. Then they jumped out at me to take me back to the battles and her, her they took too.

The End

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