What would you write if your consciousness was ported into a random android?

Kind of building on the idea of Protagonize Tennis, but with as many twists as possible, and with no concerted efforts to honor continuity or somehow be inspired by the preceding author, this is a free for all, built for speed.


As I simulate sighing, I wish I had known the cold, hard reality of remembering the before of being myself now that I am inside a bloodless, electronic simulicrum, a word I am still getting used to.  No matter how hard I try, the subtle nuances of spoken language I remember appreciating so much before the port into this, this, shadowself, are just memories, no longer able to be experienced first hand.  I try and try to change the inflection of my vocalizations, to no avail.  The only joy I can really say is still mine, is the 'puter i discovered on the second day inside my 'new self.


The End

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