An Actor's Life For Me

“You have defeated us!” Damon cried as he threw himself to his knees before the soldiers “We surrender!  Please have mercy, we are cold, we are hungry, we only ever wanted peace…”

“You cowardly simpletons!” the general bellowed as he circled him “Surrendering to us?  I thought you were men!”

He stood behind the first row of soldiers.


Damon flinched and covered his head, cowering as the guns were pointed towards him.  But before they were let off, the cardboard tree teetered and landed between them.


Damon huffed as he lifted his head and stood up, brushing the dust off his knees.

“Take a break, guys,” the director said tiredly as the stagehands set the tree up again “You’re all doing well, I am feeling very optimistic.”

Damon began to head off the stage, contemplating a long, thorough wash in his bath after today’s rigorous rehearsal.

“Damon Kelly?”

Damon arrived in the dressing room area to see someone approach him, a polite smile gracing his features.

“Who let you in back here?” Damon asked sceptically.

“Seito Ito,” Seito smiled as he gave Damon his business card “I represent the agency you are currently registered with.”

“I see, huh, then where’s my agent?” Damon raised an eyebrow.

“That’s what I’m here for, Mr Kelly,” Seito’s face turned sombre “I regret to inform you that your current agent, Dakota Wood?  She’s been forced to step down.  I am her replacement and I wished to give you the news as soon as possible.”

“You could have sent a text or email.”

“I wish to meet my clients personally, I’ve always believed to establish a very close relationship with clients who are in need of my assistance.  Anyway, Mr Kelly, it was a pleasure to meet you.”

“Pleasure to meet you too, I suppose,” Damon shrugged as he shook the hand that was offered to him.

Seito’s hand squeezed his firmly as he graced Damon with a charming smile before turning away and walking off.  Damon retracted his hand before shaking his head and stepping into his dressing room.  He began reapplying his make-up in front of the mirror.

“Now, don’t get ahead of yourself, Damon,” he scolded himself “You just need to see how well he really can do his job after this little play is over.  And to be rather truthful, thank God Dakota isn’t my agent anymore.”

Damon swore she had some form of complex which made her completely obsess over her work that Damon couldn’t even consult which auditions he would rather attend because the next thing he knew after a meeting, he was reading through scripts in front of the theatre.  Some of the meetings they had together didn’t even have a significant point to them!

“Five minutes until rehearsal,” a stagehand poked his head through.

“Thank you, David,” Damon smiled at him through the mirror.

He put his eyeliner down and puckered his lips.

“Lovely,” he grinned before getting up and heading out onto the stage.

The End

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