Party Girl

"I swear to God I'll shoot!" The dimly light convenience store was arguably a stupid choice, one that Christine Huey regretted targeting. She was a smart girl and something as stupid as this was way beyond her  comfort levels. But she had to do it. Her face was red and matted with sweat, masked by a black ski mask or balaclava. Christine's palms were sweaty as well, the handgun in her hand shaking as she aimed the barrel at the cashier behind the advertisement riddled counter.

"Didn't you hear me?" she shouted. "Open the register!" Her heart was beating faster than ever before, pumping adrenaline into her in the same way it would if she were skiing or snowboarding with her friends. She glared through her mask and flicked the safety off the gun. "Are you deaf! Hand over the cash!"


Several hours before, Christine hadn't even considered robbery as a source of income to fund her graduation trip to an exclusive winter cottage somewhere in Colorado. "Come on Christine! This'll be the experience of the century! Everyone who's anyone will be there!" her friend Suzanne had so humbly described. They were both lounging on a slick leather coach in the basement of some other rich senior student, alternating sips out of a glass bottle of vodka. They weren't what most people would call the most 'innocent' of girls. Despite her intelligence and dedication to her studies, Christine often engaged in less then scrupulous behaviour.

"You girls sure you can take all that?"

Suzanne waved the finger at some boy holding a red cup. "Screw off pretty boy, we can handle ourselves just fine!"

"Besides, you ain't looking so sober yourself." The boy gave her a look, one that could be interpreted as saying "oh yeah" and "damn you're sexy". "See something you like?" she teased. The boy nodded, kneeling close to her and whispering something to her ear.

The next thing she knew she had consumed more alcohol than she should have and had 'misplaced' several articles of her clothing. As she approached her prey, walking in a seductive manner, the boy pulled out a bag. "I'll pay for anything you want baby," he said. "All you have to do is this little favour for me, something that I'd only trust a spunky girl like you with doing."


At the back of Christine's mind, a little voice began to say that what she was doing was wrong, that nothing was worth getting into trouble for. The boy, who was a kid in her grade, was waiting in his beat up truck with the engine running. She couldn't let him wait. After all, he had influence with the seniors who organized the Colorado party. Lawson Smith would be the ticket to the party of her life.

This cashier however, was being a real pain. Standing there all cocky like with his spiky hair and headphones around his neck. "Hey you stupid chink, I'll blow your brains out! Don't think for a bloody moment I won't do it!"

Then the cashier did something that surprised her. His face was placid and he looked so calm when he stepped closer towards her gun, took hold of the barrel and pressed it to his forehead. A big grin appeared on his face. "Well if you're going to shoot me, make it quick alright?"


Christine's heart raced when he put his other hand over hers, fingers resting near the trigger and daring her to shoot. "Come on, you can hold your own to a chink can't you? A strong girl like you isn't afraid to hurt someone,  I mean if you can screw over your family and friends, have consensual sex with someone you barely know-"

"S-shut up."

"-and gamble your entire future for some beer fest that'll get you as hammered as you are now, then you can pull a silly little trigger on a guy like me." For several seconds they were quiet, neither one making a move. Christine's eyes began to water and she lightened her grip on the gun, allowing the man to simultaneously take it from her and remove her mask. Then, he wiped the sweat around her face and moved her hair back, doing it so casually that he might as well have grabbed her breast while he was at it. The adrenaline was fading now, replaced by a cold sweat upon the realization that she wasn't doing anything to stop him.

Suddenly the door burst open and she whipped her head in the direction. She screamed in horror as Lawson aimed a revolver at the cashier and yelled, "duck Christine!".

What happened next was something she had trouble deciding was real. The cashier's iris's seemed to flicker, turning into a bright baby blue as Lawson pulled the trigger. The bullet veered way above them and Lawson went flying backwards, arm and head smashing against the glass door. Christine stared dumbstruck for a moment before turning back to the cashier. She glimpsed the name 'Sven' on his name tag before a white light blinded her, sending her tumbling to the ground and landing on a bag of marshmallows. 

"Sorry Christine. You and Lawson have some thinking to do before I can act."

The End

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