Don't Let Me Fall

They looked like ants from the top of the building, small and insignificant ants. Sweat began to drip down Adrian's face as he scooted closer down the edge of the roof. He was dressed like any other cubicle worker, white shirt and tie, dark brown hair gelled back to look like a character from The Outsiders, and beige pants that covered the dirt from sliding down the roof with his butt. His heart leapt and he forced his body to slam into the hard tiling behind him when a buzzing sound caused him to lose a footing on the roof's edge. Below he could see people gathering in a gigantic circle, some of them gasping at his near tumble. He took out his cell phone and stared at the text message.

From: Janice Alderson: Baby, please get down from there. It wasn't what it looked like I swear. He came onto me, and you know as well as I do that I don't love him. I love you! Please come down! You could get hurt! 6:45 PM

To: Janice Alderson: Fat chance you lying whore. </3

Adrian sent his angered text and stared at his cell phone. An expensive smart-phone that he had been so excited about when he got it from his now ex-girlfriend, Janice. Anger boiled inside of him at the sight of her ex-boyfriend holding her hand and leaning in to kiss her, one that she said she denied. But he knew otherwise - he knew the feeling was mutual! "Take this you heart breaking witch!" he yelled at the top of his lungs. He got into a sitting position and winded up his arm, throwing the phone off the roof and down into some side walk or road below. Hopefully she would see it, or better yet, it would land on her.

"You realize that you may be overreacting a little bit."

Adrian almost slipped for a second time when he instinctively turned around, yelping as an arm took firm hold of his shirt collar and held him steady. He looked up saw a young man, maybe a college kid, with styled black hair, small brown eyes, and a look of concern on his face. The kid was also standing upright near the edge of the roof, legs bent in a way that somehow kept his balance.

"How are you doing that?" Adrian asked wide eyed. 

"Well it's mainly due to me being Asian. You know like Bruce Lee and Jackie Chan?" The joke didn't have an effect on him, but the mystery kid was laughing hysterically. The mystery college kid sat down and put an arm around his shoulders. "Seriously though bro, you really need to think this whole situation out."

"What are you talking about?" Adrian said.  "She was a lying, selfish whore who said she loved me! And you know what happens after I come home from work one day? She's on our front porch kissing some guy who I saw at our last date!"

"Maybe it was just a friend...or stalker?"

Adrian shook his head. "Please, that's highly unlikely. Besides, he's her ex-boyfriend...And didn't you hear, I saw them kissing!"

The kid was silent for a moment, before moving imself onto his back.  "You know that that dude's put her through alot, right?"

Adrian pondered what he said. She did mention the man having been her boy friend for almost three years and that she broke up with him because she couldn't take the verbal and occasional physical abuse anymore. Then there were the other things, the deathly secrets that stemmed back to her teen years. "Yeah, you're right. She's been through so much..."

"So let me ask you this. Why would she cheat on probably the only man in a long time to genuinely love her not because she has an amazing body, or can cook a mean steak, but because of her personality? No one but you notices that when she cooks she hums hakuna matata from the Lion King because it's what her father did. And no one else knows that use to cut herself for almost two years after her old man died and that she use to consider suicide, right?"

Adrain didn't respond, but buried his head in between his legs and began to cry, the guilt at the selfish and stupid nature of his actions dawning on him. The college kid patted his back and did his best to console him, bringing him off the roof and down the stairs as he sobbed.


"Oh my God! Adrian, are you alright?"

Adrian stared into his lover's tear stained face and nodded. "I'm fine Janice, and I'm so sorry. I was acting like a spoiled kid, and-" As she pressed her lips onto his, Adrian couldn't help but feel extremely grateful to Sven, the college kid who had convinced him of just how stupid he was being.

Then, a sinking feeling hit his stomach. How did the kid know all about him and Janice? How could he have possibly known all of her secrets?

From: Number cannot be displayed: This is expensive lover boy. Don't lose it! P.S. I hope you learned your lesson. :)  -Sven

The End

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