A Rebbelion On the Island

Something is wrong.

Something is wrong.


On the Island, the Alukona Tribe has grown a big enemy. An enemy, that today, has arrived on the island. No animate object is this enemy, as much as fear. The real thing that will repel the eyes of the angels watching over us, forcing them to  protect a different location is the fear of the Alukona. The real thing that will shift the eyes of the demons of below to our Island, is fear as well.

On the other side of this island, is the "Outside Arrivers" Tribe. According to the Social Hierarchy of this Island, the land is ours which we share with them. But honestly, I think that the Outside Arrivers Tribe is no longer willing to be under the Alukona. These arrivers, who were lost in the history books, want to bring themselves back to the world they were in as they stepped into the sinking boats, or crashing planes. The people want to build their way up, and the Alukona is in major danger because of this. That is what causes my fear, which shall then cause the angels of our island turning into demons.

Today, I fear the Outside Arrivers are planning a Rebbelion.

The End

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