A Feeling

Amelia jolted awake as the first of what would be many patches of turbulence shook the plane in an ominous wake- up call: looking at the clock, she saw that it was only 20 muinutes into her second day flying. The stress on her was visible, from the way she hunched more nervously over her dashboard than usual to the increasingly tired look etched into her proud countenance. This is it,  she thought. No more record breaking for this girl... Amelia yawned, opened her mouth halfway to tell Fred to get up, and then decided against doing so. To let him sleep would be good.

Fred Noonan was not the best guy to be flying with. Amelia personally considered him to be unpredictable and dangerous, and despised his habits of heavy drinking and smoking. When he had gotten drunk two days ago in Lae, it was worse than before- one of the reasons hat she had been so playfull in their exganges was to placate the only man aboard who knew how to navigate this infernal machine and use their communication devices. Hopefully, Fred would be able to use a few extra hours. As Amelia and her plane flew forward, the fog got thicker and thicker around her, yet never got clearer when she changed altitudes. On top of all these little problems, there was a voice inside her, telling her in a small, scared tone that

Something is wrong,

Something is wrong,

Something is wrong,


Amelia Earhart began to feel scared.

The End

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