The Alukona and the Island

          Miles away from Earharts plane lies an island. A secret island. Millions have came to this island from the middle of the deep blue, and have fought a rebellious fight against the native tribe of the Island.

          I am Father Ekona leader of the Alukona Tribe. Deep in the middle of the ocean lies the island I rule today. For Tens of Thousands of years, this island has been in sworn secrecy. Nobody from the outside world had the smallest idea who was here. Until the first arrival.

           This island has two tribes. My tribe, the Native Alukona, and our allies the Outside Arrivers Tribe. While my tribe territorially rules this island, we fear that the Hierarchial Rank is not what the Outside Arrivers have in mind. While the two tribes work together to find food, defend the island, and help are kin and neighbors in the roughest of times. But time and time again, I worry the Social Hierarchy on our island is not what the Outside Arriver tribes want.

          My tribe is a small family, and we happily work together to keep the island alive and running. It includes 4 families of 6. Me and my wife are at the throne right now, and our islanders respectfully take their places beneath us, and share the island. The tribe works well, and we have welcomed another tribe.

          The other tribe, the Outside Arrivers, were survivors of Plane Crashes, Ship Sinking, and being Lost at Sea. The few that are lucky enough for their souls to be spared are summoned to our island. After the first arrival, we have always welcomed anybody who needed a home.

          We have set the Social Hierarchy with this other tribe, as these arrivals lead to rapid growth. This tribe is directly below us, as we share the island with them, and they help us. But we fear that our island we call home can be taken over if we are not careful. The fear of rebbelion has always lead to one thing, more arrivals. Whenever we feared something bad will happen, more people arrive. After the years, I have came up with one thing to tell my tribe, that is very well proven:

          Fear Leads to Destruction.

The End

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